Valentine’s Day Gift For Him – From A Guy’s Point of View


It’s that time of the year when February 14 is knocking on our doors and Valentine’s Day is remembered. We honor the day by showering our loved one with gifts to express our amore for that special person.

Even though love’s expression should not be limited to just this one day of the year, it is a gentle note in our modern busy lives that love needs to be professed and honored.

A Valentine’s Day gift and making that extra effort let’s our lover know that we care, that our heart aches for them and that we are lonely without them. That bouquet of roses, the candle lit dinner and that sexy lingerie lets my wife know she is my lover, my best friend and partner in crime on this journey of life. Romance is alive and it is what makes me feel alive.

I’ve known my wife for over four years now and been married for three. In that short space of time we have shared a lifetime of experiences. All of which have allowed us to grow and fall in love over again and again. I am sure we are going to have one helluva ball for a life ahead of us and many more Valentine’s Days in store.

In so far as gifts from my wife, she is all I need in my life. However, a few gifts that would not go amiss could be a nice new watch. I’m a classic guy. I like my Swiss watches with the moving dials and chronometers. In my line of work a piece of art on my wrist is what I like. It feels good and makes me feel like a million dollars.

I’m a tailored suit kinda guy and I almost always wear a double-cuff shirt, so I am always on the lookout for nice cufflinks. My very first cufflinks I purchased in Fiji and they were made of a seashell, the color of which was iridescent blue.

Talking about shirts. I do love a nice casual shirt for weekend and evening wear. Something that I can wear a sports blazer over for a drink downtown or just pottering around d in my home office writing. A nice simple slim-fit, cut-away collar, single cuff with no pockets (pockets are for engineers). I prefer a solid color too, something like a powder blue, or a pastel pink and one can never fail with white.

I am sure my wife knows what I love to get me something I would adore and remember her by when I am traveling on business.

So, ladies if you are looking for some gift ideas I trust this article has been helpful.

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