Rose Gold Jewelry Trend- Influenced by???

A pleasant new trend is happening- rose gold jewelry! It is one that I enjoy- delving into the soft colored hue variation of gold. A treat because it is a warm, playful change from the last twenty years of white gold & platinum, and before then, forty years of yellow gold.

I first noticed it when I was waiting in line shopping for groceries summer 2016. I struck up a conversation with the gentleman behind me and something different caught me eye. I stopped mid-sentence and was staring almost rudely at his wedding band. It wasn’t gold… was that a rose gold hue? I asked the kind gentleman (I think he was used to these odd stares by now and probably slightly enjoyed the attention), “Is that a rose gold wedding band?”

“Yes… yes it is!” said the middle-aged gentleman with a smile. He then went on to tell me that after twenty years of wearing a gold band, he kindly asked his wife after she had a diamond upgrade, if he could possibly trade in his for something new and fashionable? I was in a sort of shock-disbelief, yet at the same time thought it was neat that a guy was fashion conscience of what he wore on his left hand everyday.

But more importantly, I was in awe of the beauty of the band. It was gold, yet the aura of rose was hypnotizing.

I wrote the experience as a one-off, but then weeks late I noticed a lady at the bank wearing a beautiful rose-gold bangle bracelet. “What is this?” I asked myself. I suddenly had a suspicion. She was using a rose gold iPhone. Was this the influence? Could smartphone colors now be influencing not only our cell phone cases, but also our very expensive and intimate jewelry we wear as well?

In the next months (and it hasn’t diminished) I noticed a ton of women and men wearing the new hue. It possibly could’ve been started by the iPhone, however I noticed many of these fashionable people weren’t trying to match their accessories with their gold or space gray phones. This was the real deal!! And their jewelry was phenomenal looking. I became a fan.

It appears that with all trends, they come and go, and some make a comeback. This one is no different.

It started with the Russians in the 19th century, deemed “Russian Gold,” made famous by Carl Fabergé who made the Fabergé Eggs for the Czars and family. What gives the gold it’s hue is a bit of copper, and a slight amount of silver. The higher degree of copper will make the pink more pronounced.

After that, during the decadence and cultural changes of the 1920’s, it became an official trend in the western world. Why sparkle in just yellow gold and platinum?

After the crash of 1929- with the hindsight of past excessiveness- influenced all things including jewelry and design. It gave way to the Art Nouveau movement with Platinum and white gold being the must have, only again to waiver during second world war due to the mineral’s importance of the effort.

We again entered the age of yellow and rose gold.

This new rose-gold trend, the one that I’m witnessing now, is a breath of fresh air. Its’ color brings romance, warmth, and a bit of heart to things we treasure, grace our bodies with, and pass down to future generations.



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