10 Fun Facts About Mardi Gras

For those that think Mardi Gras is just about beads, masks, floats, and getting inebriated, here are 10 fun facts to contemplate as you go about your Mardi Gras festivities!


  1. Mardi Gras is just a day:  Yes! That is true. Most people who are not familiar with the tradition think that Mardi Gras is just huge, crazy party that came out of the blue because why not? Simply put, Mardi Gras is the last Tuesday before Ash Wednesday and it’s the last day before 40 days of best behavior.


  1. Mardi Gras is celebrated internationally:  It is celebrated world-wide and not just in New Orleans, which is usually what comes to most peoples minds. The holiday is celebrated in countries including: Brazil, Germany, Italy, Colombia, Trinidad, Mexico, and many more.


  1. Mardi Gras Has another name:  Mardi Gras is French and its’ translation is “Fat Tuesday.”


  1. Mardi Gras is GREAT for families:  If you’re wondering if you can take your kids and family or even your cute dogs to the New Orleans to watch parades, then don’t worry because the celebration is mostly families where they can have fun and even family pets get dressed up!


  1. Mardi Gras colors:  There are official colors for this festival and they have meaning. The purple represents justice, gold symbolizes power and finally the green marks faith. So rock them and look fabulous!


  1. The “Flashing” for beads:  This is a relatively new tradition for women to get beaded necklaces, however it is very illegal. Throughout the years of this celebration, most feel that the law is mostly ignored, but perhaps that is because the party-goers far out-number the police. If you get caught, expect to get hand-cuffed.


  1. The first Mardi Gras:  Do you know that the first Mardi Gras parade was first held in New Orleans on Feb. 24, 1857 by the Krewe of Comus? A day to remember. They began the tradition of presenting a parade with floats and following it with a ball for the krewe and their guests.


  1. “The King Cake” and “The Three Kings”:  The King Cake is sometimes considered to originate from the Bible’s three kings that visited baby Jesus. See a theme? Ash Wednesday, 40 days of good behavior then Easter? The golden cake is eaten for six weeks.


  1. Parade Floats is illegal without masks:  Riding on a parade float without a mask is considered against the law and this is because they wanted to break down social barriers amongst the participants and allow everyone participating to associate with whomever they want.


  1. Free fun for everyone! Who would want to miss out on this? There is no need for tickets to see a parade. It’s all FREE!! That is why it is called “The Greatest Free Show on Earth!”. You only have to pay for tickets if you want to sit on the stands as the parades pass.


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