The Perfect Easter Basket Gift

Easter is around the corner and we all are searching for that perfect Easter basket gift. Being a mother of two children aged 13 and 16 I am a bit past the age of making baskets, but I’ve been there!! It also means that I to am still searching for a perfect gift. Fortunately, my children already know what they want, Fidget Cubes! It’s more like a hunt for the “perfect” fidget cube as any who might know there are only knock-offs available as the original is made by Antsy Labs. As of their latest update on March 2nd 2017, they are less than 10% complete of shipping 100,000 of their backers of whom have already pre-ordered! Thus the knock-offs as people can not wait for this awesome toy. If you are not familiar with the fidget cube, let me tell you my own personal story of how I came to know and eventually fell in love with this toy.

The above is not a fidget cube, but a “spinner.” My son came home from school with one late January and he was so happy and I was so confused! He was telling me how his friend at school had given him one and that he wanted to use his own money to buy one from Amazon. I had more pressing questions, “Just WHAT is that?” “Mom it is a spinner with ball bearings… it is so smooth! See?” he beams as he demonstrates that yes it does spin seamlessly and with no effort. “Yes I can see that, but what for?” I asked with greater confusion. “It’s for people that fidget, like me.” He said stoically.

I played with it for a brief minute and thought how neat it was and so he went on to buy a couple more. I didn’t think anything else of it until about a week and a half later, my 16 year old daughter came home from school and wanted to browse for a fidget cube for her brother’s 13th birthday. She was sorely disappointed that none seemed available to be shipped until after his birthday, but we did find one where we could pay the extra $10 for shipping to have them here in time. She bought two, one for her brother and one for her. If I would have known (to save time and grief) I would have ordered a third for me!

So about 3 days after, the same happened everyday, “Mom has the package come?” “No, sweetie, not today, it will be here in two days like I’ve said for the past two days!” And finally five days after ordering they came in the mail one day before my son’s birthday party. My daughter was so upset that she couldn’t play with hers in order not to spoil his surprise present. Then this is when I fell in love with the fidget cube, about 11:43pm on Friday February 17 2017. My daughter waited until her brother fell asleep then brought hers out of hiding to show it off to me. I played with it. Clicked the buttons, flipped the switch, rubbed the soothing stone, rolled the ball and the result? I felt like I had all the tension released from me in an instant that usually takes about 15 minutes of meditation to do!! Now I was impatiently awaiting for my son to open his presents so I could play with theirs! Also that night. I ordered my own. Not for the perfect Easter basket gift, I wasn’t thinking that far into the future, but because I need one ASAP!!

This time when I went to shop, I went through a different seller only because it would arrive quicker. I was relieved and even more happy the next day to see my son’s face when he opened his present. His cash request for a gift was nothing compared to the $15 dollar toy (as it was priced at the time). He thanked his sister with sincere words and a hug? I’ve not seen them hug in years (my teens have been on a ‘no touching’ thing since, well becoming teens)!!

So long story short, I played with theirs until mine came and then the shock. On my fidget cube, the roller ball didn’t click down. Also the switch button wasn’t to my satisfaction and the soothing stone, well, not so soothing. After researching online I learned the hard luck of finding the perfect knockoff fidget cube. Once you find the right one, stick with it because they are all made in China and all come out differently.

My children have had theirs for nearly two months and we all still use them. It is soothing and it eases your nerves. I don’t tap my feet when playing with one. You just don’t fidget when you have something to occupy your hands. This is definitely one of the best inventions that have come out in a long time and is way overdue. So until we can buy the real ones that retail at $25 a pop, I will happily buy my $5 knock-offs!!

The brand that is on this site and the one I’m posting in this article is the one that works, the ones my daughter originally purchased… not the others that you will be disappointed with.

I promise you, if you have children of any age (besides babies and small toddlers) this will make the perfect Easter basket gift. Don’t look any further!


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