City Slicker To Country Gentleman – A Weekend Bag To Fit The Bill

Having live out a suitcase for almost two decades in and out our airports, hotels and business lounges, a bag a very important piece of my ‘travel’ wardrobe. I used hard-shell suitcases for my check-in luggage and a strolling laptop bag that has often doubled as my one-night away or a weekend bag.

Suffice to say the laptop carrier does not really fit the bill. For that weekend getaway with my wife, whether it’s close to home at a country hotel or city hideaway and even the short trip to NYC or San Francisco a classy leather weekend bag is crucial.

A weekend bag must be sturdy yet light, rugged yet classy, something that I can carry easily without it being cumbersome. It must be able to hold a pair of shoes, three pairs of socks, three underwear items, three shirts and outer light jacket. It should have some space for the carry-on toiletries that is size limited by airlines, and last but not least a small laptop or a tablet must slip neatly into it too.

I have been browsing for a while now and came across a Fossil Men’s Special Edition Artisan duffle. It looks exquisite, rugged and classy. When I saw the bag it reminded of a bygone era of adventure and escape into the unknown parts of the world. I imagined landing in Caracas to meet with an ambassador for an evening’s canapes and cocktails. Alas, I am only flying into New York in a few weeks’ time, but one can romanticize a little, huh!

If like me you are seeking a bag for yourself or if you want a give a hint to your lover as to what to get for you, no matter what the occasion, check some of them out at The Gift Idea Shop.

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