A Lounge Lizard’s Guide to the Loungewear Galaxy

Being a Lounge Lizard on the weekends with my comfy loungewear, newspaper in hand coffee in another, is a look and feel I like during the work week. Tell me who does not like coming home after a hard day’s work and just throwing back and relaxing?

Well! I certainly do. Imagine walking through your front door, kicking off those shoes to relieve your tired and well-trodden feet. Then you walk into your bedroom– I’m sure you would have said hello and given a hug to your significant other- then getting undressed and putting on some super-comfy pajamas or lounge shorts and a tee too. You may even throw on a robe after a quick shower.

You may then find yourself relaxing on your sofa with a nice well-deserved drink. I prefer a room-temperature glass of Chianti or Rioja. The feeling of the high thread count cotton loungewear on one’s self induces a safe and comfortable womb like environment complemented superbly by the wine. On these dog days of winter what better way to chill out enjoying a good read or an entertaining show on TV unwinding after work.

Just as we dress to impress at work, attire at home in my opinion should be soft, comfortable and clean, with fragrances that help unwind and de-stress. Color gives me sartorial elegance even in my wear-at-home jog pants and hideaway hoodie. My fave is college grey and the ubiquitous navy. Those colors enhance my look and feel. If you’re feeling a bit royal then purple is your hue. My wife loves red, it suits her Italian heritage and flair.

Have you checked your wardrobe lately to see what you have in there for coming home to after work? Well! It’s about time to throw out the old and bring in some new threads for pottering about in.



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