What To Buy A Woman Who Has Everything

So the woman you have in mind has everything? That may be true, but I promise you there is something she wants to buy. I find it best if the person asks me, but if it is not an intimate relationship (as in we’ve know each other forever), then that can be quite awkward. So what to do?

If you know her family or are family, ask others! Her mom, sister, cousin, her dad… you get the idea. Whomever she is closest too. If you have mutual friends, ask them! More than likely she has told somebody something along the lines of “I need this” or “I want that.”

My husband knows I want a haircut, so??? I’ve made it easy and useful to both him and myself. I know what I am getting for my next present. I will love and treasure it because he took the time to listen to me and make the mental note. The mental note is the important part, but I know my husband well enough to where I know he makes plenty of those in regards to my needs/wants/desires.

So if you flat out just do not know ‘the woman who has everything’ personally yet you find yourself in a situation where you want/have to buy her something then that rules out the above. You more than likely do not know anything personal about her besides what she has shown or told you.

On to the next game plan. Perfume sounds like a good idea, but that is very personal. It defines a person. You can’t really buy her a handbag or wallet either, too personal. Or jewelry. See a theme? Okay we are back where we started.


I would go with flowers. Yes, old-fashioned, plain-jane flowers. Except she won’t think they are. She will love them! If you have had a conversation with her then you might have an idea what type of flower person she is. Lilies, tulips, roses (and what color) Et Cetera however my best recommendation is to go contact this handy website. Every flower, and possibly color has a meaning and you do not want to get that wrong!

You are welcome, and if you want to buy me something, a dozen of roses will be fine, any color! Thanks!



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