President’s Day Gifts – Top 3 Ideas and More Found Here!

So how exactly do you celebrate President’s day? For most of us it is day known for sales in the stores, some of us get our families together for the long weekend, while yet for others it is either a memory of school days where teachers would emphasize President George Washington, his birthday (February 22nd) and other presidents.

However, for some there is a deeper meaning. They love the history and the study of our presidents. Patriotism could be a passion and President’s Day is another day to recognize this in full flair when it is mostly morphed by comparison to the celebrations we also cherish on the 4th of July. For teachers and parents it is an important time to teach about President George Washington and others to children. The problem is where to find these products that this group loves? It is hard to find as I was doing my research. There frankly isn’t a “President’s Day Gifts” category on many store fronts that sell products directly related to this day.

Well I have fixed this problem! I went on a grand search of what people love to study and collect on this day, and there is now a “President’s Day Gifts” gift category in THIS shop. Also because this store is so new, it is the only holiday currently in the “Holidays” tab. So friends and family of those that know someone who loves this day, delve in and delight the person you are gifting to!

1. The coin/money of famous Presidents collections. As a child I used to collect coins and loved it. The person who is a combination of minted money collections and history of Presidents will love these!!

2. Good ‘ole Fashioned American Flag to hang! This is one of my favorites. Seeing houses proudly hanging the American Flag always makes me smile… as I know it does for any Patriotic person.

3. A Favorite President’s BiographyI love reading a great presidential biography on just any old day, but this is a special treat for a person who loves to celebrate this day!

For parents and teachers, it is valuable to teach our children about our presidents as well.

    • For teachers, try this fun, beautifully illustrated book with great info for the little ones:

    • For parents, this is a great book to keep around the house for kids (and the big kids too!) to find useful facts!

For those celebrating our new 45th, President Donald J. Trump, you will love this!



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