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Not My Usual Blog- In Memory Of John McCain

  No matter what your politics are, it was terrible news to hear of Senator John McCain’s passing yesterday. A vibrant character at the least, I came across an interesting documentary last night that debuted in May on HBO- “John McCain: For Whom The Bell Tolls.” It is very enlightening to see him talking of […]

Mardi Gras Costume Ideas & History

Mardi Gras Costume Ideas   Dressing up is always a fun time for kids, friends and family and Mardi Gras is clearly the opportunity to wear a costume of the character they prefer.   The most difficult for Mardi Gras costume ideas is to choose which one to wear! Even without being the best seamstress in […]

President’s Day Gifts – Top 3 Ideas and More Found Here!

So how exactly do you celebrate President’s day? For most of us it is day known for sales in the stores, some of us get our families together for the long weekend, while yet for others it is either a memory of school days where teachers would emphasize President George Washington, his birthday (February 22nd) […]

What To Buy A Woman Who Has Everything

So the woman you have in mind has everything? That may be true, but I promise you there is something she wants to buy. I find it best if the person asks me, but if it is not an intimate relationship (as in we’ve know each other forever), then that can be quite awkward. So […]

Rose Gold Jewelry Trend- Influenced by???

A pleasant new trend is happening- rose gold jewelry! It is one that I enjoy- delving into the soft colored hue variation of gold. A treat because it is a warm, playful change from the last twenty years of white gold & platinum, and before then, forty years of yellow gold. I first noticed it […]

A shirt! A shirt! My Kingdom For A Nice Quality Shirt!

Recently I was at work and leant on the desk folding my arms and resting my chin on my hands and Rip!! My shirt tore at the seams at both elbows. I thought “what?” As my colleague looked up and began laughing. I cursed at the poor workmanship and quality of the shirt. I had […]

A Lounge Lizard’s Guide to the Loungewear Galaxy

Being a Lounge Lizard on the weekends with my comfy loungewear, newspaper in hand coffee in another, is a look and feel I like during the work week. Tell me who does not like coming home after a hard day’s work and just throwing back and relaxing? Well! I certainly do. Imagine walking through your […]